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What is NXS?

NXStm (pronounced 'nexus') is an abstract strategy game for two to three players.

NXS: Man-o-Wartm is an Age of Sail themed version of NXS. Set sail on the high seas and battle your opponents for territorial supremacy.

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Is it difficult to learn?

Not at all! There are only a few simple rules, and all the pieces move by the same rules.

How long is a game?

The length of a game is very flexible; from 15 minutes to several hours. Both the number and types of pieces on the board, and the amount of territory required to win can be changed based on the player's desire.

How many people can play?

NXS can be played by two or three people. Four-player games are also possible with additional equipment.

Is it like playing chess?

Game play is quite different from chess and chess variants. While you do place two "armies" on the playing surface and try to capture each other's pieces, there is no "king". The way you win NXS is by capturing your opponent's territory.

Where can I buy a copy?

Visit our store.

You can also play online or print your own copy.


Abstract Games Magazine: Issue 20 
"NXS has a lot going for it, and I highly recommend it."

The Board Game Kaptain:  8.5
"Wonderful", "Brilliant"

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